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YKK Plastic Zips

The YKK plastic zip is a very popular type of fastener, which is used for clothing, bags, gear, etc. The teeth are made of plastic and resemble a tractor track. The advantage is that if one or several teeth are damaged, the zip will still work because the teeth are attached to the tape individually. The vislon zipper is strong and light, which helps to reduce the weight of the product. The greatest advantage of the vislon zip is its durability and resistance. Even with increased use, the zip teeth are not damaged, they do not bend, and they are also quite resistant to chemicals.

What are the types and sizes of YKK vislon zippers?

YKK company produces many different types of plastic zips, which you can find in our online catalogue. In stock in our shop you can find the most popular plastic zip types in length from 18 cm to 120 cm and more, in these types:

- Type #5 Standard closed-end

- Type #5 Standard open-end

- Type #5 Standard 2-way

- Type #8 Heavy-duty closed-end

- Type #8 Heavy-duty open-end

- Type #8 Heavy-duty 2-way

You can buy zips in 15+ tape colours or you can order any colour using the 600-colour card.

For which garments is the vislon zip suitable?

Vislon zip, due to its large size, will stand out on any garment, hence it should be placed where reliability is more important than inconspicuity. That's why vislon zips are used for:

- Outerwear, casual wear and sportswear;

- Uniforms;

- Tents and other camping equipment;

- Hunting and military gear;

- Large backpacks and bags;

- Cases;

- Frameless furniture.