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YKK Nylon Zips

YKK company produces strong and durable zips in a large range, among which are nylon zippers. It is a type of zipper where synthetic fiber is twisted into a spiral, compressed, and sewn onto the zip tape. Distinguished by a more technological manufacturing process than, for example, vislon or metal, because by compressing the spiral all the teeth of the zipper are formed at once. It turns out a suitable accessory for any clothing. The nylon YKK zips are mainly used for outer, sports, and casual clothing, dresses, skirts, bags, backpacks, suitcases, covers, and tourist equipment such as tents, awnings, etc.

What are the types and sizes of nylon YKK zippers?

The nylon zipper is one of the most popular products and is available to order in any length, color, and type. In our store, you can find zippers in lengths from 18 cm to 120 cm, as well as about 30 colors. The main types of zippers are:
- Type #2 Lightweight closed-end coil zips
- Type #3 Lightweight closed-end coil zips
- Type #3 Lightweight open-end coil zips
- Type #5 Standard closed-end coil zips
- Type #5 Standard open-end coil zips
- Type #5 Standard 2-way coil zips

Nylon zips from a YKK distributor

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