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Invisible (Conceal® ) YKK zips

Concealed YKK zips are very popular type of zippers, which is often used in sewing skirts, blouses, dresses and pants. CONCEAL® is a YKK invisible zipper. It got its name and popularity because of the invisible effect in the finished product and the slim runner that remains visible to the public. The slider can be dyed in the shade of the zipper itself, or it can be a contrasting different color. CONCEAL® is available with an automatic locking slider that allows the tongue to stay down and in the locked position, making it a great option for movable garments.

What are the types and sizes of invisible YKK zippers?

In our company you can order any length of an invisible zipper from 5 cm. In our store you can find the most popular lengths and sizes of 20, 25, 35, 50, 60 cm. The main types of invisible zippers can be divided into several groups:

- Type #2 Lightweight invisible zips

- Type #3 Standart invisible zips

- Type #5 Heavy duty invisible zips

Colors can be selected using photos from our online store or you can use the color chart section. There are more than 100 colors of hidden zippers in our store.

Advantages of concealed YKK zips

- Invisibility. The zipper is on the wrong side and when closed is practically invisible on the front of the product.

- Reliability. Despite the apparent lightness and fragility, YKK concealed zipper teeth are durable and have a long life with careful handling.

- Aesthetics. Blind zippers allow you to sew clothes with maximum fit, while the elements do not stand out. You can place them in the side seam, on the back or in another suitable place.

- Functionality. Such a invisible zipper allows you to quickly remove and put on the thing, whether it is a dress, a blouse or pants.