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YKK Jeans zippers

The YKK jeans zip is one of the most popular zips in the world. You'll find this zipper on every second jeans. It is so popular because of its simplicity, reliability, lightness and different types
of sliders. It is also reasonably priced, making it affordable for any manufacturer. The zip teeth are made of brass metal material, which can take on a variety of shades, such as antique gold, nickel, antique nickel, black, copper, etc. We can offer you a variety of tape colours and tooth colours in stock or to order.

What are the types and sizes of ykk jeans zippers?

Jeans zippers are available in various types and sizes. The main types in which you can order this zip are:

- Jeans zip type #3 closed-end

- Jeans zip type #5 closed-end

 In our company Idatex you can find about 10 basic colours of the tape and lengths from 14 to 18 cm in stock. If you have a request for any other colour or length you can choose from our 600 colour chart and contact us for order details.

For which garments is the jeans zip suitable?

Best suited for installation on these types of products:

- Trousers

- Jeans

- Casual wear

- Shoes