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YKK Metal Zips

YKK Metal Zips are the textile ribbon tape with teeth made from a special metal alloy. The teeth clamp the webbing tightly, connecting and disconnecting with a movable slider. YKK uses the reliable and safe material brass for the production of metal zips and sliders. The popularity of this type of sewing accessories is due to its versatility and wide scope of application. Metal zips is used in sewing of shoes, clothes, bags and other accessories of leather goods. Items of leather and denim are usually decorated with metal elements. It is important to choose the right zipper for the intended use, technical parameters, size, colour and
density of materials.

What are the types and sizes of YKK metal zippers?

Idatex shop can offer a wide range of different YKK metal zips for retail and
wholesale. Depending on your product there are many different variations on
which zip you can choose. For example, it will be standard tape or denim, shiny teeth or matte, different shades of metal, etc. Below you will find a list of the zippers available in our shop:

- Type #5 Standard closed-end zipper

- Type #5 Standard open-end zipper

- Type #5 Standard 2-way zipper

- Type #8 Heavy-duty closed-end zipper

- Type #8 Heavy-duty open-end zipper

- Type 8 Heavy-duty 2-way zipper
You can buy zips in 15+ tape colours or you can order any colour using the
600-colour card.

For which garments is the metal zip suitable?

Metal zips have a much higher
weight than those made of plastic materials. This prevents them from being used with thin and flowing fabrics, which will deform under the weight of the fastener. Metal zips, on the other hand, are well suited for sewing into sturdy, dense fabrics. It is used in sewing:
- Camping equipment
- Leather shoes
- Clothing made of denim
- Haberdashery products (bags, suitcases, purses, key holders, satchels)
- All types of different jackets
- Workwear
Metal zips are often used for decorative purposes thanks to their shiny, rich and textured appearance. They harmonize well with leather goods, so you can buy metal zips to decorate your clothes in rock and casual style.