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Idatex - wholesale YKK distributor in UK

Our store was opened in 2022 by enthusiasts from the clothing industry to collect all the latest products and innovations in this field. Our company has a history of over 10 years in and has been successfully operating in various European countries. Since 2013, we have been supplying and working with different divisions of YKK, thereby optimising prices and delivery times for any customer. Today YKK produces the world's most reliable zippers, plastic fastening solutions, various buttons, snaps, hook and loop items and has a very long history as a brand.

YKK Zips

A step for every sewing professional, there is a selection of zips for their products. We suggest that you consider quality YKK zips for your products. YKK manufactures a huge number of zippers of various types, sizes and colors. The range includes unique modern technical solutions in different metal alloys, synthetic materials, natural materials, recycled products. Using cheap Chinese analogues is not trustworthy, because zips may contain lead and they are simply not suitable for sewing clothes. We recommend to buy a zipper in retail and wholesale proven manufacturer. In the extensive catalog you will find the following types of products:
- Coil (Nylon) zipper (Type 3, 5, 8, 10)

- Invisible (Conceal) zipper (Type 2, 3, 5)

- Plastic (Vislon) zipper (Type 3, 5, 8, 10)

- Metal zipper (Type 3, 5, 8, 10)

- Zippers on chain and sliders (Type 3, 5, 8, 10)

- Exclusive and other custom zippers in any size and length.

Where can you apply these zippers and in what products can you put them?

The uses for YKK zippers are very extensive and you can see them in almost all products. You can buy zippers for jackets, dresses, jeans, trousers, linens, backpacks and suitcases. They are also used in sportswear, bags, shoes, marine zippers, motorcycle gear, upholstery, etc.

YKK plastic buckles and fasteners

In our online store, you can find YKK plastic fastening solutions at an affordable price and buy them retail or wholesale. Plastic buckles and other fastenings produced by YKK are very strong, reliable, and durable compared to other analogs, namely because all products are made of acetal material (POM, Polyoxymethylene). POM is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer material. It is characterized by excellent tensile strength, stiffness, surface hardness and chemical resistance. Acetal has excellent bending memory and retains properties when subjected to repeated loading. Normal short-term temperature range of its use: -50C to + 140C. That's why all plastic fasteners are in high demand worldwide. In our store you can buy these types of plastic fittings:
- Plastic buckles (16,20,25,30,38,50 mm), more than 70 different models
- Triglides(20,25,30,38,50 mm), over 20 different models
- D-rings (20,25,30,38,50 mm), more than 5 different models
- Snaphooks (20,25,30,38,50 mm), more than 10 different models
- Ladderlocks (20,25,30,38,50 mm), more than 5 different models
- Cord end and cordlocks, more than 30 different models
YKK plastic fasteners usage is in such products as camping equipment, backpacks, tents, straps, military and tactical equipment, belts and other products where you need fixation and strength. All these products you can buy in our online store or order from factory.